At Millbank

“After the Academy was over the Thames at Millbank often received us as bathers or the Serpentine before breakfast. Millbank was then a rural place and sufficiently retired and was constantly visited by Varley’s pupils to make studies from.

In the summer of the year I was with Varley we were at Twickenham in a house he took for the season close to the Thames - Hunt and I were always out when weather permitted painting in oil on Millboards from nature. I have many of these studies now both of Hunt’s and my own. We were much on the water in boats which I had learned to manage either alone or with a fellow skuller. Varley could never acquire the skill, he broke the skull the first attempt by dipping it too deep in the water and pulling with all his might which was considerable for he was very strong but could never learn how to use his strength”

John Linnell’s Autobiographical notes, f.8

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