107. Curious specimen of orthography from the papers of Thomas Palmer (MS4252-2000)

Copy of a letter from a Retail Druggist and Perfumer
At Deal to a wholesale Perfumer in London
- from the original -

“Deal April 22 1804


“i Reseded your Latter 22 Hinstant Wich i
Hade Reseded part of My good from you wich i gave you
“Hoders for Wich you Have put in your Bill of parsel
“More Then i Have got Wich i Have Honly got of
“Wineay sope 3 dusen 7 Cak 7lb Do. that is Beness
“sope as you Mencenn in your Bill and you Hade
“made a Nother Blunder of sending Me 2 dusen
“of stears appedilldock as stearde of The 2 Dusen Hemptey
*Bottels wich They are No youse To me at
“prusent and send the Ess of Musk as steard of. The
“granes of Musk No Scochnale No Wafers and savel
“Things Beside if yu Lok in your Bills of parsels you
“Will find the same

So No More from
your Well Wisher”

* “Bottles” deleted

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