47. Statement by John Linnell, with last line written and signed by William Collins (MS500-2000)

At a meeting between Messrs. Collins, Constable and myself at Mr. Constableís house, in the presence of his wife, respecting certain statements made by Mr. Constable, upon the authority of Mr. D. C. Read of Salisbury reflecting upon my character, Mr. Constable expressed his conviction that by the documents in Mr. Readís handwriting connected with the entries in my journal at the time I had confuted the charges he made against me of illiberality in charging him for a painting of Southampton and also that I had completely confuted Mr. Readís assertions respecting the transactions between the Revd. Thos. Allies & myself by two letters from that gentleman to me soon after, altogether satisfactorily proving the falsehood of the representation made by Mr. Read to Mr. Constable concerning my conduct at Southampton in September 1819 - Mr. Constable in consequence of this conversation promised to explain to Mr. Shorto at Mr. Reynoldís Bayswater - to W. R. Bigg Esq R.A. & to contradict wherever he recollected to have reported those statements.

All this took place in the presence of Wm. Collins Esq R.A.
March 22d. 1823 Saturday evening between 8 and 10

The above statement is perfectly correct. William Collins

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