96. John Varley to John Linnell (MS2766-2000)

I am at Mr Wilsonís the officer, Warwick Court, Holborn

Dear Linnel,

I have just been arrested & I can give bail provided I can get a few pounds. Do you not think that [if] Mr. Harman knew that I was now locked up, he might lay out £8 or £10 with me in drawings or, if not, do you think if I were to send the picture and frame of Bamborough, or any other drawings besides, he would let me have £6 or £7? I shall lose 3 guineas to-morrow morning if I do not get out & be put to expense besides. Therefore, if you can, by the sale of my drawing, or any other means, assist me to get out tonight, I shall be able to go home for good & my affairs will then be arranged, as all the writs will be done away with. In serving me thus, I think it is the most important time I know of. I have seen one creditor who is willing to take out the writ out of the office.

I am yours truly J. Varley

Should and delay occur with the principal creditor I know that paying him 5 will turn him to my side. All this may be considerably for the best as I can then go home & see Sir W. Cockburn who wishes to have some drawings of me.

I should like to see you if you think you my not lose too much time.

I can get bail or a receipt.

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